Project Manager

Interested applicants must submit an application and a letter of interest that emphasizes your interest in this position and relevant experience. 

Job Title: Project Manager                                         
Department: Administration
FLSA Status: Exempt
Pay Range:  DOE
Supervisor: Executive Director

General description

 The Project Manager is responsible for YNHA Projects. Negotiate contracts with contractors, obtain required certifications and permits for YNHA Projects. Identify all resources necessary for all phases of construction. Including all preparation and finalization to ensure all scheduled tasks associated with the construction project are completed on time. Analyze and prepare project budgets and ensure all finances required are secured. Implement cost containment and sustainability practices in all housing projects. Coordinate and meet with management, architects, engineers, builders, and other relevant parties. Present status reports on projects to management and the board. Adhering to all tribal, federal, and local laws, rules, and regulations governing housing development. This position is under the direct supervision of the Executive Director.


Responsibilities require employee to follow:

Common Duties:

Essential Tasks

The tasks listed below are those that represent most of the time spent working in this position. Management may assign tasks related to the type of work of the position, as necessary.

Involvement with Data, People, and things

Data Involvement: Requires integrating analysis of data or information to discover facts or developing knowledge or interpretation of change in policies, or methodologies based on new facts or interpretations. Requires summarizing, tabulating, or formatting data or information in accordance with a prescribed schema or plan to facilitate the identification and extraction of useful information.

People Involvement: Requires supplying information, guidance, or aid to staff to directly facilitate task accomplishment. Requires negotiating, exchanging ideas, information, and opinions with others to formulate policy and programs or arrive jointly at decisions conclusions, or solutions.

Involvement with Things: Requires handling or using machines, tools, or equipment that requires moderate instruction and experience, such as protective equipment, electronic communications equipment, computers, peripherals, software programs for routine operations. Including word processing, spreadsheets, or custom applications and specialized software programs, and mail service office machine/postage meter.

 General Requirements

Reasoning Requirements: Requires performing skilled work involving rules/systems with constant problem solving. Requires the application of principles of logical thinking according to industry practices. Diagnosis and/or defines problems, collects necessary data/information to resolve them with widespread unit or organizational impact requires performing semi-skilled work involving set procedures. Requires consideration of factors and variables to derive solutions to problems.

Mathematical Requirements:  Requires basic algebra involving variables and formulas, and basic geometry involving plane and solid figures requires circumferences, areas, volumes, ratios, rates, and percentages. Requires performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Language Requirements: Requires reading technical instructions, procedures manuals, and charts to solve practical problems; composing routine or specialized reports, forms, or business letters with proper format, speaking compound sentences using normal grammar and word form. Strong command of English language both written and verbal is required. Requires comprehending reading abilities to interpret architectural drawings, specifications and/or related documentation.

Mental Requirements: Requires specialized technical work with general understanding of operating policies and procedures and their application to problems not previously encountered. The application of specialized technical or professional principles and practices and the use of a wide range of administrative methods in the solution of problems. Requires normal attention with short periods of concentration to accurate results and occasional exposure to unusual pressure.

Physical and Dexterity Requirements:  Work is primarily in an outdoor or maintenance shop environment. Requires walking, standing, stooping, stretching, crouching, lying, and use of arm strength to manipulate hand tools such as saws, sanders, and jointers. Occasionally push, pull, and/or lift objects exerting between 20 and 50 pounds of force on a recurring basis. Requires exceptional skill and adeptness and speed in the use of fingers, hands, or limbs in tasks involving close tolerances or limits of accuracy.

Environmental Hazards: The job risks exposure to bright/dim light, dusts, pollen, extreme heat and/or cold, wet/humid conditions, extreme noise levels, fumes and/or noxious odors, traffic, moving machinery, electrical shock, heights, and dangerous chemicals, and skin irritants (cleaning solutions, solvents, insecticides.)

Sensory Requirements: The job requires normal visual acuity and field of vision, hearing, speaking, color, depth, and texture perception.

Judgments and Decisions: Requires being responsible and making frequent decisions, affecting team members, and guests who depend on the service or product. Works in a fluid environment with rules and procedures but with many variations from the routine.

Vocational/Educational and Experience Preparation

Vocational/Educational Preparation: Associate degree in construction/project Management or related field. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Certifications and Licenses: Certified construction manager (CCM), Associate Constructor (AC) or Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) preferred. Requires a valid driver's license with the ability to be insured under the YNHA's policy.

Experience Requirements: A minimum of five years’ experience in managing construction projects and/or industry working on million-dollar projects. Five years’ experience working with executive management, boards, and elected officials. Must be proficient in construction/inspection terminology and techniques, along with a working knowledge of developing and follow cost management including project estimating, construction scheduling and development of project budget. Knowledge of federal procurement procedures. Knowledge of all applicable safety and health laws, building codes, ordinances, and regulations. Requires three years of supervisory experience. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Yakama Nation Housing Authority has a drug Free Workplace Policy". All employees are subject to pre-employment, random drug tests and to tests when the use of alcohol or drugs in the workplace is suspected.

Indian Preference Policy

In accordance with Section 101(k) of NAHASDA, Yakama Nation Housing Authority applies Yakama Tribal preference in employment, as established by Resolution GC-05- 2012 of the Yakama Nation General Council.


Benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, group term life insurance, voluntary life insurance, retirement plan (employer match), EAP, PTO accrual.  

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Posted on April 11, 2024

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